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Chivalry And Orders

Order of HEKÁTE

The Order of Hekátē is essentially the first chivalric order created by the House of Anastasis(Government), and is presented by the House of Katabasis(the military force). However, any title created is only honorary and in not official until the two houses are restored completely. Chivalric titles can be seen in the restored titles of the company. The Order of Hekátē honors those who dare to walk a different path in life, and some of those people have been chosen for this order already. The Order of Hekátē has three sub-orders governed by three "Initiates" who delegate the honored personnel. 

Since "Order" titles are unofficial, those honored will have the Epsilon letter(ε) next to their name in writing for "eklektos"


Apollōn's Order

Rylan Scroggins(ε)
David Pedroza(ε)

Ártemis' Order


Hermes' Order


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