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The Olympian Patronage

Is a newly formed branch of the Anastasian Dynasty that serves to enlighten, inspire, and support the people of the kingdom, and of the world. Often stylized with a hyphenated name that consists of the members name, and the name of the PATRON GOD/GODDESS they represent, these members are carefully chosen so that the patron isn't misrepresented in any way. Most of these patrons are Royal/Noble, and some aren't. Furthermore, some Gods/Goddesses cannot be represented by the rules of the Royal House. 



How It Works

Patrons are not new to this world, especially in the realm of Nobility/Royalty, however the concept isn't really grasped correctly. Patrons were once identified for ancient houses by their Coat of Arms and/or House Sigils. In a way these patrons shaped the culture, language, ideals, and practices of each house. The Olympian Patronage connects reality with mythology, by using entertainment to bring the ways of those Noble/Royal Houses to life. Patron names are in Greek Form, because the Olympian Patronage is supported by a Greek House, however, the name changes based on whatever culture you feel closest to. Let's go into detail.

Some patrons are connected to many Noble/ Royal Houses, and can't be claimed by one house, like: Aphrodite, Athena, Hades, etc. Their power is so ancient that it's seen and felt globally.

Here are some examples of how even those belonging the "Olympian Patronage" also belong to family houses that have ancient patrons 

House deMoravia-Murray: Aphrodite
Clan/House Moray-Murray: Poseidon
House O'Con(n)or: Athena
House Alaouite: Hades
Expósito Family: Apollon
Foly Family: Dionysus
Vassilopanagos Family: Hera (assigned by House Anastasis)


As you already know, House Anastasis/ Katabasis have very active patrons also

House Anastasis: Apollon
House Katabasis: Artemis


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