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The Anastasian Dynasty

Is an ancient Royal House that originated in the Byzantine Empire at the rise of the Orthodox Church. Surviving for centuries throughout history, the House/Name gained recognition in Italy as a legitimate House. In 2019 it was restored completely to its original Greek form. Taking its name from an ancient ability of "Rising after Death", it has its roots in ancient rituals of Greek Mythology, and was later adopted into Christianity.

Burning Phoenix- Symbolizes the three mottos of House Anastasis, and that we are always rising
                             -deMoravia-Murray(Anastasis):"Il Est, Il Sera" (It Is, It Will Be)French
                         *  -Greek(Byzantine): "Καθετί Κοσμός"(Everything is one as the universe)
                             -Egyptian: "Akhet Neheh"(Always Rising) (Official)

Four Greek Crosses- Symbolizes the recognition of Greece as a free country, in which we wish not to rule by control, but to reign by the influence of inspiration.
                                  -Symbolizes Peace, Prosperity, Abundance, Equality
                                  -Symbolizes foundation (as Greece is the mother of Civilization)

*Greek(Modern): "Ρέουμε"(We Flow)


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