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Iakeem and I met in Echo Company of the Army branch of the military. Fascinated by his exotic mixture of Greek and African American ethnicity, I began to learn more about him, with what little time we had. During our time in hold-over basic training, we went from strangers to close friends. I learned things like: His favorite heroine in video games and movies alike is Lara Croft, He's a Virgo, He has a sister named after the Russian Princess Anastasia, He's Greek Orthodox(So am I), He was baptized in Greece....however, the most important detail is the event that happened between he and I, regarding the origin of his new Patron name. One day in the male's bathroom, I told him to look in the mirror and asked, "What do you see"? He responded, "...Uh, I don't know". I then said, "I see Narkisso"...and we were both like "PURRRR🗣"(Not really, but still🙄).

All of these details play a huge role in the making of his theme, because it foretells a modern twist on the mythological story of Narkissos. Further details about the Theme is available HERE.

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