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Stryx Cover pic.png

Predicted to be the series of the decade, get the first look of the upcoming series, set to release in 2023. Stay updated on the authors's information releases about the first book, by checking this page periodically.

Fun Facts & Information

-The main character shares a name with a historical mistress of a French king.

-"Hey Alexa, Play 'God is A Woman' by Ariana Grande".

-There's the Socs, the Greasers, and then there is the "_ _ _ _ _"😎

-One of the main characters is Brazilian American.

-Chapter 7 is titled "Rylan G_ _ _ _ _ T_ _ _ _ _" 🧑🏻

-Doorways opened and pathways revealed, one thing that's certain is death unconcealed.

-The story begins at the sudden change.

-Video et Taceo

-There are four Kovëns. Get ready to choose your alliance.

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